Ketone Test Strips for Testing Ketosis Levels in 15 Seconds Using Urinalysis. Accurate Results to Guarantee You Lose Weight & Feel Great on a Ketogenic, Diabetic, Paleo or Low Carb Diet-125 Strips

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JVZoo Product FeedTesting your ketones are used for different reasons. The top uses are for various diets (ketogenic, paleo, atkins) and for managing type 1 diabetes. Ketone is a chemical produced when there is a shortage of insulin in the blood and the body breaks down body fat for energy. Ketones in the urine is

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Testing your ketones are used for different reasons. The top uses are for various diets (ketogenic, paleo, atkins) and for managing type 1 diabetes. Ketone is a chemical produced when there is a shortage of insulin in the blood and the body breaks down body fat for energy. Ketones in the urine is a sign that your body is using fat for energy instead of using glucose because not enough insulin is available to use glucose for energy. In a nutritional diet, a person will have to achieve ketosis or nutritional ketosis which will effectively make the body burn fat for fuel instead of sugar from carbohydrates. The idea is get high ketones if you are trying to achieve ketosis through nutritional dieting but to help manage type 1 diabetes, keep ketones low. For whatever purpose you have for testing ketones, our Top Notch Nutrition Ketone Test Strips will be your best guide with its accurate results in seconds. We believe that accurate and quality results are of the utmost importance. Customer satisfaction is top priority so if our Ketone Test Strips do not meet your expectations, simply let us know and we’ll give you your money back – no questions asked. Take advantage of our special offers and promotions by ordering today. Please Note: The Unopened Shelf Life of this Product is 2 Years from the Date of Manufacture. For your convenience and peace of mind, the Lot number, Manufactured and Expiry date of the Test Strips are CLEARLY date stamped on both the bottom of the box and on the label of the bottle. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Thank you.

Product Features

  • LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- We guarantee these ketone test strips will accurately help you measure your ketosis levels in just seconds or your money back. No questions asked. You can return the bottle back empty! Add these ketone strips to your cart now. There is absolutely no risk to you!
  • WANT TO BE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU ARE ACTUALLY BURNING FAT IN KETOSIS? – There are so many ketone test strips out there that just do not work accurately. Whether you are on the keto, paleo, atkins, diabetic or any low carb diet you need to be certain your ketone test results are accurate to have success. Our ketone strips are 99.9% accurate & Doctor approved.
  • LOSE WEIGHT & FEEL GREAT – If you are going to be on a Keto or any low carb diet it is absolutely essential that you monitor your ketosis levels on a daily basis. We make it super easy for you to accurately monitor your ketosis levels in just seconds, so you can continuing burning fat & feeling amazing whether at work, home, the gym or just on the go!
  • MEDICAL GRADE KETONE TEST STRIPS – Do not buy cheap ketone test strips. They will give you false readings & make your journey on your diet of choice confusing & frustrating ultimately leading to failure. Use our medical grade 99.9% accurate ketone test strips to be sure you are staying in ketosis all day long. These strips are made of high-quality, cyanide-free, non-toxic imported paper.
  • WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED & BE YOUR BEST SELF – When you order with us you will continue to receive value, tips and exceptional customer service for as long as you need us! You are not just another order to us. You are a valued customer and we will make sure you are satisfied with your order or your money back! Add these medical grade ketone test strips to your cart now and lets get you into ketosis!


RL says:

Want to lose weight? Start here! For anyone interested in losing weight, there’s no “magical” way to do it. Reduce your carbs (sugar) intake and increase your protein. Build your muscle, which in turn burns fat. This is not to say you must be “ripped”, just be healthy. Normal “yo-yo” dieting can lead to fat storage; staying in ketosis helps to eliminate that stored fat. These ketone strips come in very handy to check your sugar level for the purpose of maintaining a low carb/high protein diet in order to stay in ketosis. Also,…

Gopal Kamat says:

Great test strips, work exactly as expected for a very good price! I am a Type 1 diabetic and Ketone strips are a part of my life. Every T1D goes through high and low blood-sugars (BGs) many times a week, and when your BGs get too high (>300) for a long period of time, you have to worry about DKA (diabetic keto-acidosis). The ketone strips help you determine if you have high enough ketones (a sign of DKA) that require the attention of the ER specialist.Top Notch Nutrition’s ketone strips work as well as any other — the process is quite simple. You…

MS says:

This Helps to Balance Diet! These test strips are great! I recently started on Paleo Diet due to my thyroid condition. These strips have helped me to balance my diet in a great deal. As you may know that when our body cannot burn glucose, it will then search for another energy source to burn which usually is fat. When burning fat for energy, our body produces ketones. For most people, the ketones are just the end-product of fat burning, and the excess amount of ketones are passed into urine. Small amount of ketones in the…

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